Electromagnetic single disc clutches
Without slip-ring, Zero Backlash, Dry operation, Simple construction & Maintenance, Non-asbestos friction surface .
Application :- Textile, Packaging & printing machinery, Paper-making machinery, Welding machinnery, Machine tools, Food-processing machinery, Automation & business machinery, Book-making, Wood processing & Watch making machinery.
Torque :- 3 N-m to 2500 N-m ............... Micro-clutches from 0.3 N-m to 3 N-m**
(** Numerous custom-built variants, especially for business machines, copying machines, etc.)

Electromagnetic Single-disc Clutches Type EBA

manufacture a wide range of Electromagnetic single-disc clutches and Brakes, which are intended for start-stop applications. They come in various types to meet different requirements.

Type EBA

Vortex Series EBA electromagnetic stationary field single-disc clutches are zero backlash and designed for dry use. When the coil is energized by a suitable DC voltage, a magnetic field is generated which attracts the armature to the rotor, providing the clamping force for torque transmission. The armature is spring loaded to ensure rapid disengagement and zero drag when disengaged. Various clutch configurations are available to suit different drive installation requirements.
Standard clutches operate at 24 V DC. Special clutches operate at 24 V DC. Special clutches for 12 V , 90 V , 180 V, etc. are available on request.


. Zero backlash
. Long-life asbestos-free friction material
· Stationary field design eliminated current supply brush and simplifies connection
· Zero drag-torque
· Special diaphragm spring for longer life and operation over larger air-gaps
· Available with lead-wires or optional simple connection facilities
. & installation
· Class F insulation to 155* C for coil (Class H insulation on demand)
· Heat treated armature disc for longer life
· Specially machined and treated friction surfaces to give out-of-box rated ..torque from cycle no.1.


These clutches are designed for dry operation and hence the friction surfaces have to be absolutely free of oil and grease as otherwise, the torque drops significantly.

Type EK-ER

VORTEX also produce EK-ER series of single disc clutches which typically work on the same principle as the EBA series but are characterized by their higher flexibility due to their metallic friction surfaces as opposed to the conventional steel-friction liner mating surfaces. They also give a higher torque for the similar size and more importantly can function even in wet environment albeit with slightly reduced torque transmission capacity.