Electromagnetic clutch-brake & clutch-clutch combination modules
Available in open & enclosed versions (versions of upto IP 65 protection, std. for IP 44) high production cycle rated due to high frequency on-off operations possible, easy to install onto any type of motor, Very high mounting flexibilities due to wide range of versions available, Backlash-free.
Application :- Packaging equipment, Postal sorters, Currency counters, Food & Material handling & Processing, Conveyors, etc.
Torque :- 6 N-m to 2500 N-m

VORTEX ENGINEERING WORKS produce a wide range of clutch and brake combination modules to suite a wide array of applications.

Type EKA


Totally encased unit.
Long life.
Adjustable without dismantling - simple wear compensation adjustment.
High operating frequency and fast switching times.
Single plate dry type.
High operating reliability.
Low inertia of rotating parts.
Stationery field.
Backlash free torque transmission.
Special friction disc with high quality non-asbestos friction material having very high inherent heat dissipation properties.
Coil with class "F" insulation. (Class "H" insulation also on demand)
Raw material to DIN standard.
Slotted armature for torque stability.


The VORTEX Type EKA is a ready to be installed electromagnetic actuated clutch-brake module. Our long-standing
co-operation with industry has enabled us to understand its drive requirements, helping us to produce products, which are the latest technological standard.

High-grade materials, the use of state of the art modern machine tools and uncompromising production and performance inspections guarantee reliability and safety.

The field of application for the VORTEX Type EKA clutch-brake module is immense, wherever machine parts are to be started and stopped quickly and efficiently. The benefit over other system is that the input side can be run continuously. The start/stop is performed by the EKA, therefore, considerably reducing power consumption.

This EKA Catalogue described the operations modes and details the various mounting designs that can be achieved using the modular principle. In many cases, a tailor-made solution could optimally fulfill your requirement.

These modules can be available in the combinations of the well-proven VORTEX EAA series single disk brake, EBA series single disc brake, ERD series fail safe brakes. Hence apart from the standard EKA versions numerous further combinations possibilities are available.


Our Clutch-Brake combination unit requires D.C. supply voltage, which is obtained through A.C./D.C. rectification. Normally switching is carried out on the A.C. side. However, for mush faster engagement / disengagement time, switching is carried out on the D.C. side for which a suitable arc suppressor and a capacitor is a must to protect the coil and switches from high induction voltages. Engagement / disengagement time is a function of nominal release distance.


When D.C. Power is supplied to Clutch coil, rotor attracts armature assembly, thus transmitting torque from drive connected to input shaft via clutch to load connected through output shaft. On withdrawal of current from clutch, relay contactor or some suitable circuit when used automatically diverts the current to brake coil, thus instantaneously disengaging drive and simultaneously stopping output shaft connected to load via brake.

VORTEX is able to provide a wide range of possibilities with these modules some of which are shown below :

a) Mounting Options :

..... Flange mounting
..... Foot mounting

There are several possible options as can be seen in the diagram below.

b) Combination options :

..... Single-disc clutch and Single-disc brake
..... Single-disc clutch and Single-disc clutch
..... Single-disc clutch and Fail-safe brake

c) Shaft options :

..... Single shaft
..... Dual shaft
----- Both shaft provided with the unit
----- Single shaft provided with the unit
----- No shaft provided with the unit

d) Arrangement options :

Totally encased (Std. IP44 but possible to supply with up to IP 64 protection as well )
Open and modular
Totally Open

Find below some of the possibilities with our clutch brake combination modules. We can also offer permanent magnet brake as a possible component of these modules if the customer application might demand it. These are just few possibilities, hence please do make it a point to get in touch with our design team to get the best solution for your application and also to have up-to-date information on variants added to our product portfolio over a period of time.

Flange mounting; Single-disc clutch and fail-safe brake; Dual-shaft, Totally enclosed.

Foot mounting; Single-disc clutch and Single-disc clutch; Single-shaft; Open and modular

Foot mounting; Single-disc clutch and Single-disc brake; Single-shaft; Open and modular

Foot mounting; Single-disc clutch, Fail-safe brake; Dual-shaft; Open and modular