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Electromagnetic Torque limiter for pharmaceutical packaging machines

electromagnetic torque limiter

An electromagnetic torque limiter was designed for one of our customers to combine the electromagnetic clutch with an overload clutch and give both the functions through one compact unit.

During the operation the clutch transmits a pre-set limited torque which can be continuously adjusted by the adjustment of the coil current. The clutch disengages if this torque is exceeded and thus the input and output sides are disconnected. Simultaneously a limit switch is actuated which switches of the magnetic coil of the clutch.

In a multi-purpose Candy/Tablet Packaging Machine, this innovative produce is used for overload control of the feeding table in case the candies/tablets which are fed get accidentally stuck up. By setting the limiting torque electronically based on the candy/ tablet size/weight specifications, this clutch can be remotely manipulated. In case the product gets stuck during the feed, the torque is exceeded and the drive disconnected, bringing the machine to a stop followed by removing or taking action on the cause. By controlling the current, the limiting torque can be remotely set. The limiting torque for the overload at the clutch can be continuously set via manipulation of the coil current or the coil voltage which is adjustable during operation.