Vortex is also associated with Marzahl / Automation & gear for the Industrial Automation products & Heynau GmbH for the Steel System Variable Speed drives for which we are the sole distributors for India. The respective products range for Marzahl & Heynau are as under


•  Planetary gearboxes for servo motors (both the PG & the PGE economy series)

•  Compact gearboxes CG series for Robot applications

•  Right Angle gearboxes for servomotors (WT series)

•  Precision Worm gearboxes for servomotors (SWG series)

•  ZZ bevel gears with numerous variations

•  Planetary gearboxes for Elevator drives (RME series)


•  H-Drive for infinite variable speeds

•  Minidrive for variable speeds in compact sizes

•  DC Minigear Motors with high reduction ratios

For more detailed product information please follow the link to the web site of MARZAHL or contact our Sales department